I promised myself I'd give this one full season and see where it went. From the Oilers Wannabes at Golden Bears game on September 17 to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals on June 12, Oil Droppings was a going concern. Now it's going, going, gone.

But that's good news. After serving my year's apprenticeship in the minors, I've been called up to The Bigs. I have accepted an offer from "the hardest working man in the Oilogosphere", Jonathan Willis, to join forces at his fine blog
The Copper & Blue. At the same time, Derek Zona a.k.a. Coach pb9617 is closing the doors of his promising new blog, the Church of Kurri, to make it a threesome over at C & B.

Should be interesting, and fun. We three bring different, complementary strengths which should keep C & B both busy and varied. Jon's done a great job all on his own there, but we're confident the addition of a couple UFAs will strengthen the team's performance.

Oil Droppings will remain "up" but inactive for the foreseeable future. The archives will eventually be folded in with Jonathan's and Derek's over at C&B while the blogroll will remain intact for now. That blogroll has continued to swell throughout the season as more worthy sites have come on-line, so this is a small step to consolidate three of them into one site which we hope will (continue to) be a regular visit for many of you.

My thanks to all the readers and especially commenters who have added content and context to Oil Droppings over the past 9 months. I look forward to continued interaction with you at Copper & Blue, not to mention in the comments sections of your own and other blogs.


Coach pb9617 said...

JW is going to regret turning his blog into a Stortini and Harski fansite.

HBomb said...

Frig, if Willis was Tambellini, he just signed Bouwmeester and Havlat.

Congrats guys!

JK said...

Wow. Talk about an All-Star Team. The Copper & Blue just got a whole lot better - and it was pretty good to begin with.


Ribs said...

Wow. This is some cool news. I did kind of like your own slice of the OilOnline-a-verse though.

All the best to youse guys.

Oilman said...

your's a LT's sites are always my first two stops Bruce....JW is going to get some extra traffic!

Doogie2K said...

Thank God someone's finally gonna give that poor man a break. I saw the announcement that Derek/Coach/Kurri was joining, but I didn't know you were going over, too. Should make for a very interesting site going forward.

B.C.B. said...

Congrats Bruce . . . Now I am going to have to get a sign in for JW site, since two of my favorite bloggers have switched teams.

Keep up the good work, I'll be around.

dstaples said...

Bruce, good luck to you. JW is the Ken Holland of the Oilogosphere.

Jonathan Willis said...

Staples: The best managers tend to surround themselves with the best people.

By that measure, I don't mind acknowledging that I'm a pretty good manager.

Bruce said...

Thanks, all.

raventalon40 said...

It was a good run Bruce. Looking forward to reading your work over at C&B.

Hockey Noob said...

Hey, I've made a list of Oilers blogs on my site. If I've missed any let me know! Thnx.


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