Team Togetherness

Some interesting quotes in today's news cycle:

"We need a new voice, we need a new start, we need new expectations, we need a new discipline, and it’s time to look forward here."

Steve Tambellini, on expectations

"Mac really thought he couldn’t do any more with the group."

Kevin Lowe, on accountability
[note how it is “the” group and not “our” group let alone “my” group]

"The thing that was maybe most disappointing for me was our culture took a hit, in terms of our work ethic and our selflessness."

Craig MacTavish, on professionalism

"I’m always proud of the way I play, I’m always proud of the way I prepare and proud of the way I carry myself."

Ethan Moreau, on himself

"If you’re in the NHL, if you want to have a good career, you should be able to motivate yourself."

Ethan Moreau, on others

"We have some good veterans that hopefully want to be a part of this going forward. But I can tell you things are going to change as far as expectations and preparation from the players’ standpoint."

Steve Tambellini, on the future

"We got behind the 8-ball right away, we took an undisciplined penalty. I love Scottie Hartnell’s emotion but he’s got to find that line of discipline and I don’t really think he did tonight. He’s a guy we count on to kill penalties, he’s a guy we count on a lot. ... He ends up in the penalty box way too much and that’s something we’re going to have to correct."

John Stevens, coach of an actual playoff team, on Real accountability


shepso said...

nice set of soundbites here. Moreau's lack of accountability tended to drive me crazy for most of the season.

Ribs said...

My ears perked up at the "hopefully" comment as well. I thought maybe that was a tell that Souray was not pleased in his meeting. Who knows who else is pissed off.

I'm sure MacT let him in on a lot of things as he was going out the door. Things that probably made Angryllini a tad upset.

It's for the best, I hope.

B.C.B. said...

At least Tambo is still using the plural pronoun!

Jonathan Willis said...

Nicely done, Bruce.

HBomb said...

Good lord, is Ethan Moreau ever a completely arrogant fucking asshole.

I know you once took "offense" to me comparing the guy to Corson, Bruce....but he's not that far off in my mind.

Black Dog said...

Great stuff Bruce. Especially loved the Stevens quote and caption.

Bruce said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone. While I don't hold thecaptainethanmoreau in anywhere near the disregard I hold for Shame Corson, in my opinion he is a poor captain. Lack of personal accountability for his own shortcomings on the ice is only part of that.

What I see as a bigger problem is he sees his role as a black and white "lead by example" assignment; work your ass off and train your ass off and skate your ass off and the other guys "should" follow. I have a great deal of respect for his work ethic, but my read on his people skills is less charitable. I don't see him as a team builder, which is a critical aspect to the captain's role; rather, the tenor of his comments leaves me the opinion that he himself doesn't respect people who have a different approach. It's far too easy to imagine thecaptain holding court with his buds from Camp Mendelbaum badmouthing others in the room for their lack of commitment, etc. Cliques will occur in any group, but if your leaders are contributing to the divisiveness rather than countering it, you need new leaders.

That's my take on it from a long way outside, so take for what it's worth. But it's clear thecaptainethanmoreau's dressing room is not a happy, united group.

Ribs said...

Well said, Bruce. I feel exactly the same about the guy.

I guess you just have to wonder how to rectify the problem. Could the new coach give thecaptain some new direction that would sink in? If you take away the C, does it hurt the room more than help it? If you trade him away, do/can you have the horses to replace him in the lineup?

It's going to be an interesting summer, that's for certain.