Swing and a miss

Here's been the schedule over recent and coming evenings:

Wednesday: World Series Game 1, Oilers at Hawks, Bruce busy.

Thursday: World Series Game 2, Oilers at Colorado, Bruce busy.

Friday: World Series travel day, Oilers travel day, Bruce night off with bugger-all to do.

Saturday: World Series Game 3, Oilers at Vancouver, Bruce busy.

Sunday: World Series Game 4, Bruce busy.

Monday: World Series Game 5, Bruins at Oilers, Bruce busy.

Tuesday: World series travel day (or over), Oilers travel day, Bruce night off with bugger-all to do.

I guess the "good" news is I didn't have to watch the Oilers getting smoked by three, three times in a row. But it's aggravating to put it mildly. I've seen about three innings of the Series so far, and might catch the first inning again tonight; it's by far the least Series action I've seen since first watching the Dodgers sweep the Yankees back in 1963. I'm a National League guy but am hopeful the Rays can pull one off tonight and extend the Series; I might actually get to watch Game 6. Then of course on Thursday (World Series Game 7 if necessary, Oilers at Nashville), I'm busy.



Doogie2K said...

Too bad we'll both be missing tonight's game (I have soccer at 7): they're breaking out the blue and orange again for the Broons. =(

Bruce said...

Hey whaddya know? i come home and find out Game 5 was SUSPENDED and I get to watch three whole innings tomorrow. Or Wednesday. Or whenever it stops raining in Philly, which will probably be Thursday night when I'm working.